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Currently on a search for spiritual and intellectual knowledge. I'm a feminist, Marxist, traveller, student, reader, Latina, and most importantly an advocate of love.

Because I Apologize Too Much

Dear Soul,
I now know that I only need to apologize to you.

Because I Apologize Too Much

Dear Soul,
I now know that I only need to apologize to you.
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yourfairygodfollower asked: Street harassment really scares me & I never know what to do when it happens. Especially because I'm a queer woman. I always worrying about what would happen if I tell him off & then say that I'm not interested because I'm queer. Will he try to hurt me? I've noticed that street harassers get very defensive and even aggressive when you say you're not interested. It makes my skin crawl and I never feel safe around men on the street. And it happens every time I go out in public no matter where I am



Whenever men choose to uninvitedly assert their power it’s horrifying. Especially when juggling your many identities - black, queer, woman. You often feel stuck or silenced be caused you don’t know what to say. But silence doesn’t make the problem go away. I think we should discuss strategies. For some appeasement/neutralizing the situation w your words works, some use flight as a strategy and just ignore them and some fight - verbally and or physically.

Many see success by bringing attention to the harassment to scare the harasser. This means yelling, drawing bystanders into the situation and/or just going up to someone and acting like you know them. There’s power in numbers!

Whatever your strategic preference, we definitely can never have enough conversation about this and what strategies have/have not worked for us and what can we do in our communities to change/eliminate street harassment.

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bad poetry

I’ve been trying to write a poem on not having a space to be sad as a woc. And it is fucking hard. Anyway, those unfinished unedited drafts are what tumblr is for:

When will it be okay for me to have feelings?

I feel like I can’t speak.

Always listening to you.

Being a shoulder for you to cry on

Sometimes I need a space to cry on too. 

And even if I do, how much space will I take.

It’s like there’s not enough room in any place for me to let myself go.

 And if I do, I’ll probably be criminalized for it:

That mother who drives her children into the sea isn’t a criminal

She’s a victim.

That woman who threw a gunshot in the air to protect her kids isn’t a criminal.

She’s a victim.

That girl who asked him to stop texting her and yet he still continued until she reported him to the police then got yelled at by her family for doing it isn’t a bitch

She’s a victim. 

And yet when I call you and tell you, I have anxiety. I have panic attacks, I can’t sleep.

You shame me.

You dismiss my pain.

You ask me if I’ve been doing drugs.

Cuz breaking down isn’t normal enough for you. And if there’s something wrong with me then there’s something wrong with u.

And if there’s something wrong with u then forget about my problems, you think we should talk about how me being broken means you are broken too. Can I be held too?

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can i talk about how beautiful i am real quick.

like. my body is beautiful. my hair is extraordinary. my skin is perfect. my smile is gorgeous. 

everything is perfect.

and valuable. 

i don’t know why i keep asking for reminders or validation.

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